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We treat members
like family

By emphasizing assistance we will support independence and promote dignity for each resident at Ethan Place.


About Ethan Place Assisted Living

Focused on keeping our members active & living healthy.

The services at Ethan Place are focused on Assistance. Our role is not to "do for" but to "assist with" each resident's identified needs. By emphasizing assistance we will support independence and promote dignity for each resident at Ethan Place.

Our Residence

We are proud to
 show you Ethan Place.

Our Home is a one story brick building, handicap accessible, consisting of 18 private resident rooms with attached individual tiled half bathrooms, and 6 semi private rooms with full bathrooms. Use our furniture or bring your own.
Frequently Asked Questions

Common question asked about Ethan Place Assisted Living

Who is eligible to live at Ethan Place?

Our only requirement is that our residents be at least 55 years old and must be able to self evacuate in case of an emergency.

What is the admission process?

Our top priority is having individualized care for each resident. Our admission process is quite thorough as it includes a comprehensive assessment of each individuals physical, cognitive and social needs, along with a review of each resident's medical history. Consultations with healthcare providers and family members are also conducted in order to gather the most accurate and personalized information.

Is there a lease?

There is a rental agreement which requires a 30 day notice with the exception of residents needing to be moved to a different level of care or a better suited facility due to medical reasons.

May we bring furniture?

Yes, we encourage residents to bring familiar furnishings, photos and other mementos to their new living space.

Does specialized care really make a difference?

Research suggests, the correct environment plays a determining role in the quality of life for seniors.  In a setting designed to minimize disorientation and maximize the quality of life, residents are far more calm and able to find enjoyment in life.

What if more care is needed?

If your loved ones needs change and require more intensive health care, we will work with the family to accommodate their needs. Ethan Place has established trusted relationships with nursing homes, hospitals and home care agencies. We are always willing to work with other agencies to provide appropriate care in our community. Rest assured, should more care be required we will help facilitate the relocation.

Are there any visiting restrictions?

Absolutely not! We encourage family and friends to visit anytime. Guests are always welcome for meals, activities, outings and special events. State law does require that guests sign in on the day they are visiting. We are following all mandated COVID screening and visitation policies. We require visits be scheduled with our staff at least 24 hours in advance and to allow all our residents visits with their families, we respectfully request that visits be limited to 60 minutes.

I feel guilty about placing my relative in assisted living, but I just can't provide the necessary care they require. How can I feel like I'm contributing to their care?

One of the most difficult parts of being a caregiver is knowing when to take care of yourself. Caring for someone is both emotionally and physically taxing and most caregivers eventually reach a point when help is necessary. Placing your loved one in Assisted Living care does not mean that you are no longer an active participant in their care. At Ethan Place, family members play an integral role in the lives of our residents. Information provided by families help us to develop a care plan that accommodates the personal preferences of each resident. Families are welcome to take part in as many aspects of daily life as they like, sharing activities, joining outings or just visiting. Residents may enjoy the freedom to come and go with their families as they wish.

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Warwick, RI 02888
P: (401) 781-5460
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